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Pod 40: Jonny's amazing interaction with Michael Franti, the power outages in California, and Jonny Moseley was on "Good Morning America" to teach the morning crew how to surf!

Pod 39: Jonny's officially a movie recommender, trivia nights at Moseley's, our go-to karaoke songs, and a terrible wing suit accident!

Pod 38: How Jonny got verified on Twitter (and Insta), the "mediocre" Hawaii birthday trip, the future of the World Surf League, and a movie Jonny can stand behind!

Pod 37: What you'd prefer: Hurricanes vs. Earthquakes, and what you receive when winning a gold medal!

Pod 36: Khal Drogo almost got killed, jeopardy thoughts, sunburns suck, cologne brands/scents, the sensory deprivation tank, and making conversation with the swimmer!

Pod 35: Fanny packs, Jonny's dadding time encouraging his kids to read, things we'd do if we were super rich, and financial advice to NFL players!

Pod 34: Jonny was late to the Jonny show, catering to you bro's needs, the jetpack hover board, dog ownership, and "wild cats"!

Pod 33: Exercise ball techniques/challenges, Sarah's personal vendetta against Bryn, and UBER moments!

Pod 32: The most extreme sports, and having the 'Jackass' mentality!

Pod 31: JMPOD is the promo code to remember while shopping at PeterGlenn, Jonny Moseley interviews Kai Lenny: Judging, foilboarding, and simply hearing it firsthand from the guy who does it best!

Pod 30: Don't forget to email us anytime at: to tell us what you think about the Jonny Pod Intro, Guitar John has finally made it, another great Peter Glenn contest for our amazing listeners, wearing sweatsuits while working out, and increasing blood flow to your brain for a more efficient day!

Pod 29: How Jonny fell for Malia, Foil boarding/boating, Moseley’s Spirits and Sports, and a quick update on our softball teams!

Pod 28: Science does a study on people who cry, and how much TV ratings matter to the producers!

Pod 27: Announcing the winners for Peter Glenn's "Feet in Need" contest, the dream of owning a mobile home, and fishing with Jonny's family!

Pod 26: Dancing off your hangover, getting ditched by your UBER, The Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame, and peeing on your wounds!

Pod 25: The Next Door App, avoiding attacks in the Ocean, and Feet and Knees?

Pod 24: It's one of our first Friday shows in a long time, the lost interview with Guitar John, Hooman gives advice to Jonny on how to run his business, the underrated sport of softball, and how Jonny learned to fly!

Pod 23: Passionate tattoos, Quentin Tarantino’s new movie, and Lindsey Vonn’s bikini!

Pod 22: Judged sports, Maximum Security, and Jonny tells us about his experience the last time he attended the the Kentucky Derby!

Pod 21: Bizarre entertainment at Moseley's Sports and Spirits, and Jonny interviews Lindsey Vonn with some of Hooman's burning questions!

Pod 20: Another amazing appearance from Hooman, and the difference between Jonny and Malia! 

Pod 19: We've found our winners for the Peter Glenn Ski & Sports giveaway, stealing a man from the competing softball team, and figuring out the Moseley's Sports & Spirits food menu! 

Pod 18: Hooman bombs the bathroom, and the pro-callout with Lindsey Vonn!

Pod 17: Hooman's fascination with Lindsey Vonn, knowing your wine, and the amazing podcast bomber!

Pod 16: The one-armed drummer, advising Hooman regarding his jacked up back, and a change of plans for the big party!

Pod 15: Jonny Moseley's wildest dreams and where Jonny's Olympic medal is hidden!

Pod 14: The huge party coming up for the grand opening of Moseley's sports bar!

Pod 13: Jonny's special massage, and a pro-tip on bidets!

Pod 12: That said, Jonny's diary, and Telluride!

Pod 11: Lindsey Vonn doesn't go off the groomers, the unintentional backflip, and Jonny's thoughts on Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody!

Pod 10: Jonny's welcome to broadcasting story, and the threat of injuries for professional athletes! 

Pod 9: What kind of underwear we wear, introducing the premiere morning show in the Bay Area, and our thoughts on the Super Bowl!

Pod 8: Black Hat Hackers, Jonny's keynote speech, turning down 'Celebrity Big Brother', and Lindsey Vonn!

Pod 7: Jonny's mad ice skating skills, vocal fry and how it contributes to your success, and your go-to Karaoke song!

Pod 6: Sarah's gripe with Apple, improving skiing apps, Douchebags (Award-winning travel gear), and the Banya!

Pod 5: It's always Malia's fault, figuring out social media, and what Jonny did over the Christmas/New Years holiday!

Pod 4: Jonny's thoughts on 'The Voice', 'Dancing with the Stars', and bunking with a roomate! 

Pod 3: Interesting adventures in Whistler, Canada! 

Pod 2: It's finally time to go skiing, and the special dress! 

Pod 1: How Jonny does Thanksgiving, and the truth behind Rudolph's story!