The Jonny Pod!  A bunch of friends trying to keep up with Jonny’s average day!

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Pod 10: Jonny's welcome to broadcasting story, and the threat of injuries for professional athletes! 

Pod 9: What kind of underwear we wear, introducing the premiere morning show in the Bay Area, and our thoughts on the Super Bowl!

Pod 8: Black Hat Hackers, Jonny's keynote speech, turning down 'Celebrity Big Brother', and Lindsey Vonn!

Pod 7: Jonny's mad ice skating skills, vocal fry and how it contributes to your success, and your go-to Karaoke song!

Pod 6: Sarah's gripe with Apple, improving skiing apps, Douchebags (Award-winning travel gear), and the Banya!

Pod 5: It's always Malia's fault, figuring out social media, and what Jonny did over the Christmas/New Years holiday!

Pod 4: Jonny's thoughts on 'The Voice', 'Dancing with the Stars', and bunking with a roomate! 

Pod 3: Interesting adventures in Whistler, Canada! 

Pod 2: It's finally time to go skiing, and the special dress! 

Pod 1: How Jonny does Thanksgiving, and the truth behind Rudolph's story!